It was a while ago..


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since I posted something, and I think you agree. Over a year ago. Sometimes it feels like time is just running away. It’s not that I haven’t used that time, it’s more like.. oh, we did all those things and saw all those places, and here we are. I guess I need to practice some mindfulness ;) On the other hand I guess, some phases in your life, they are like that. Sometimes I think we do the same things over and over again, like eating the same kind of breakfast, taking the same way to work.. without really thinking about it. Habits.

Anyways tomorrow is Monday, I hope next week is going to be really good :)

It’s about time, isn’t it?


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IMG_7430I should admit, that I didn’t forget about this blog.. I just let it rest for a while. Sometimes I guess (I think I have learned this) you have to wait out things, kind of wait out yourself until you know it’s about time. Since it was ages since I wrote something I’ll just try to make an excuse by saying a lot of things have been happening, and I can’t say that’s bad, at all. That was kind of cryptic, but anyways..

For better or worse, I’m now looking for a job, since I choose to quit the last one because it basically was like a daily suicide. I guess no one wants to go through that, haha. Good thing is, it can only get better :)

I gott sällskap

Idag bakades det princessbakelser, inte vilka som helst, utan mini-bakelser. Lite krångligt, men förhoppningsvis gott! Det är en avlång sockerkaka som jag delade i fyra bitar och sen i tre lager. Hallon och hallonsylt + vaniljkräm emellan och marsipan och grädde på. Jag köpte ett marsipanlock somredan var färdigkavlat och kavlade det till storleken av ett bakplåtspapper. Sen var det bara att skära i små bakelser, de är ca 5 cm breda kan jag tro :)

Jag fick en våg och en brödtermometer av Erik och ett hemmasytt förkläde av min mamma. Bilder kommer senare och nya brödrecept med :)

Receptet till kakanhittar du här och bilder på hur den delades här nedanför.

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The Daily Post


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I saw this WordPress blog, The Daily Post – daily inspiration for your writing. The weekly challenge is A Picture is worth 1,000 words.

I must be crazy, it was less than a month since I moved all my things  last time.. but I like moving. At least moving furniture. We have sold a lot of things on and that’s fun too :) I don’t know why I chose this picture, but I guess because it has movement in it. When things are standing still for too long, I get kind of bored.

I bought a new bike yesterday, yah! Hopefully it’s still standing outside the house. Locked with two locks, chained to the bike rack. I’ll spend today fixing my old bike so I can sell it, I have also sold an oven and the buyer will come and pick it up later today :) That’s good because the new bike was eeeeexpensive. My birthday is on Friday which means I’ll have to figure out what kind of cake to make, I’m willing to do that – can’t wait!

A new project – felted slippers


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I went to buy yarn today, and also started a new project – a pair of felted slippers. I’m knitting a pair of gigantic slippers that I’ll wash in the washing machine so they’ll shrink, hopefully :) I want them to look like “ballerina shoes” so I had to improvise, but I hope it’ll work.. I also bought some yarn that I’ll use for a Christmas present.

I have also realized that I have incredibly little clothes, and that I have no idea what to buy. Isn’t that a weird problem? haha! It should be the opposite. It’s just that it feels like my style is changing, and I need to buy something new :D

Chocolate/whiskey cupcakes :) Yummy!

I gott sällskap

Idag har jag bakat surdegsbröd, på bara surdeg, utan jäst. Det blev hur bra som helst och imorgon kommer ett av recepten med bilder. Men nu till muffinsen som vi gjorde i förra veckan. Barnsligt goda muffins med vuxen smak kan man nog säga detta är.

..Några saker är säkra, cupcakes ska inte vara torra, det blir bättre med frosting på och riktig whiskey :) (eller liknande) smakar mycket bättre än essens i bakning. Det är ungefär som att använda riktig citron eller citron essens. De fina formarna har jag fått av min mamma.

Choklad och whiskeymuffins

  • 1/3 dl kakao
  • 1 1/4 dl kokande vatten
  • 60 g smör/margarin
  • 1 1/4 dl socker
  • 1 ägg
  • 2,5 dl vetemjöl
  • 1 tsk vaniljsocker
  • 1 tsk bakpulver

Blanda kokande vatten och kakao och låt kallna. Vispa smör och socker vitt och pösigt. Blanda mjöl, bakpulver och vaniljsocker i en skål. Tillsätt mjölet och vispa…

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Hello there!



I’ve been baking bread today, and I have to say I’m improving. I made sourdough bread, and they raised even though I didn’t use yeast.

I’ve also been applying for some jobs, som jobs that I really want. Much. I don’t know what to say, but at least I won’t give up :) because I know it’s not impossible. Ok, it’s possibe, it’s possible, it’s possible.. and planning is always a goodto do, and I’m planning and I’m working on it.. I’m not exactly sitting at home waiting for something to happen and that would logically mean that something will happen soon.. and I like going on interviews so that won’t be a problem.

What I don’t like is being at home, I like to be around people and basically everyone is working during the days. Watching tv is not really my thing, but maybe being at home more means I’ll have more time over to do the things I like, like running.

A glimpse of hope


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Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul,

And sings the tune–without the words,

And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;

And sore must be the storm

That could abash the little bird

That kept so many warm.

I’ve heard it in the chillest land,

And on the strangest sea;

Yet, never, in extremity,

It asked a crumb of me.

(Emily  Dickinson)

Do you follow your favorite blogs on Bloglovin?


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I have almost fallen in love with Bloglovin. I love that its’s easy to see which posts that are new, and which are not. It’s also easier to structure the blogs in categories than in the WP-reader.. I can highly recommend it. If you can’t find a blog, just copy-paste the URL and it’s possible to follow it from there. Otherwise, there are “follow icons” you can put in the sidebar on (of?) your blog..

A lot of gold and a few mummies


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We went to Malmö Mässan yesterday to visit a new exhibition called Tutankhamun :). It was Erik, his mother and I. It was pretty cool, but it was waaaay too big haha! We were soo tired afterwards. Honestly, I’ve never been interested in history, but this was a bit interesting. Best part was a short movie about that guy who discovered the treasury.

Gross! Isn’t it :D

Good teamwork


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We went to Ikea the other day and yesterday we got the things we had bought. Since Erik lives on 4th floor we bough home delivery :) you should have heard the guy who carried the four bookshelves we bought. It sounded like he would get an heart attack any minute haha! I bet his heavy breathing was caused by too much smoking ;) Anyways, this is what it looks like right now. We just have to put all our books in there.
And then another picture, the postman have more to do since the day I changed address ;)
To be continued..


At least I tried


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I found this picture in the latest issue of Elle and I had to try it. Mostly because I haven’t tried anything new for ages and because I have lots of time over now when school is over. So if this is a new trend, I was the first of my friends to try it LOL!! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, I hope no pain will be involved.

I gott sällskap

Time to make brownies. För ett tag sedan pratade jag med en jag känner som försökt att göra brownies fyra gånger, och alla gånger har det blivit misslyckat. Misslyckat är väl kanske inte ett så roligt ord så säg bara att resultatet inte blev det förväntade. Vi diskuterade att kanske är det chokladen, eller kanske ugnen.. jag tror inte hon vet vad det är än. Men en sak jag vet är att jag gjorde brownies idag till en grillkväll som anordnades på innegården. Partytältet var uppe, grillarna igång och tipspromenadfrågorna på plats. Trevlig stämning helt enkelt och roligt att se de som bor i huset som man inte ser annars. Kakorna tog dessutom slut väldans snabbt..

Jag använde ett brownierecept från Leilas första bok, men halverade det. Det är ganska så mycket onyttigt i kakan så kunde liksom inte med att göra hela satsen haha! Men det är ju okej…

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It was a while since I wrote something. The good thing is that I’m not as tired that I was before. Currently I’m working as much as before, but school ends in a week and the counselor class that I’m taking ends in October. The bad thing is that it feels like I’m in a bad mood and it wont seem to disappear.. annoying! In school we were always taught that it’s you who have the power to chance your “mood” and much of that is your thoughts.. but I mean if I meet someone during the day, and I afterwards feel sad or angry or whatever it might be, would that be my “fault”. Not that it’s anyone’s fault, but I guess you know what I mean. I’m just tired of (that it feels like you have) to live up to everyone else’s expectations… oh well..


A cake we made last week :)

I gott sällskap

Idag testade vi ett nytt recept ifrån tidningen Baka #3 2012. Skulle man kalla det för mazarinkaka så skulle man direkt få en bild på hur det ska smaka så vi säger något kakigt istället. En god kaka med smak av mandel som är trevlig att bjuda på. Det kan verka lite krångligt att göra kakan, men det är lättare än vad man kan tro. Erik gjorde degen som blev riktigt bra. Egentligen skulle det vara vinbär i, men vi hade inga.. så det blev en bärlös kaka. Det fungerade utmärkt :) Prova den du också..


  • 1/2 dl socker
  • 100g smör
  • 2,5dl vetemjöl

Blanda socker och smör, blanda sedan i mjölet och arbeta ihop till en deg. Ställ in i kylen.


  • 100g mandelmassa
  • 2 äggvitor
  • 2 äggulor
  • 50g smör
  • ca. 0,4dl socker

Riv mandelmassan på den grova sidan på rivjärnetoch använd en elvisp för att blanda den med…

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Some new pictures..


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I’m tired of complaining, but my job drains me of all my energy. Working 6 days/ week is nothing I’ll do again, but I only have 4 weeks left now :)

I think this summer have been really good so far, quite much sunny weather, days to remember, lots of laughter, nice pictures, ice cream, good food and delicious cakes, and not least wonderful people. I really miss the knitting meeting on Wednesdays, but more days will come. Honestly, It feels like I want the fall to come, but maybe it’s already here? It’s already getting darker earlier and it’s chillier when I go to work in the morning. I like to sit inside when the rain is smattering on the windows. I can’t wait until I’ll work Monday-Friday, I hope that’ll be soon.. I’ll read books on the weekends. I can’t wait for that, I can’t wait for the choir practice to start either.. :)

Anyways, I want to share some pictures from the last weeks. Some are taken in Malmö, and some are taken where Erik’s parents live..

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The summer is here..finally


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The other day we went on a minor vacation to my apartment. The location is good in the summer :). We made potato salad (and bought grilled chicken) for dinner and it was lovely to sit on the balcony when the sun set. The water is still too cold for bathing if you ask me..

My parents came to visit the day after, and it turned out to be a really good day :)


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